Monday, 16 May 2016

Borocay Travel: A Restaurant Called Borocay Toilet

It started with curiosity and you know curiosity can really kill the cat. I came across a restaurant called Borocay Toilet on my first day in Borocay. There are people who will puke at the mention of faeces and toilet bowls especially in the midst of a meal so why is an eating place thus named? What do they serve? I was really curious to know. Coincidentally this eatery is located a short walking distance from my hotel so believe it or not, the curious cats (my husband and I) actually had their first Borocay meal in this "Toilet".
Borocay Toilet occupies the upper floors of a shoplot along the one and only main road of Borocay. To be exact, at Station 1, right between Coco Manga's and a catholic church. 
It appears like this is a themed restaurant. The theme is rather outrageous though. The seats are made using actual toilet bowls, thankfully with pretty designer seats. The tables are made from bathtubs and sewage pipes.
The wall decors are again toilet seats and cartoonized pictures of toilets.
The restaurant serves filipino cuisines.
On the tables are plastic placemats in the shape of toilet seats. 
While waiting for our food we were encouraged to look at the exhibits of the restaurant, some of which are interactive. On display are a giant sized toilet bowl, a urinal, an exra big toilet roll and other toiletries and bath amenities.
There is definitely humour in these exhibits, We were given cute glasses and hats to wear while posing for the most memorable restaurant shots in our life.
I am posing here with a huge urinal. It is quite fun to see the photos we snapped.
Our meal finally came.  Rice was served in a plate in the shape of a soap dish.
Our vegetable dish was served in a bowl in the shape of a bathtub.
Our meat curry was served in a toilet bowl.
And we were ready to try out the food.
The food was authentic and the taste unique. It would have been a great meal if not for the excessively savoury flavorings. When we gave our feedback to the staffs after the meal they told us they would have recooked and replaced the dishes to suit our palate. Anyway there was a 10% tax on the bill but we had a "My Borocay VIP card which entitled us to 10% discount. The tax and discount offset each other. This simple meal came to 655pesos. (About RM59.00) 
The restaurant also sells souvenirs but the price is steep.
Patrons are welcomed to pen their signatures on the walls at the stairs.
Frankly the meal was not great. This restaurant is selling a concept, and a bold one at that. They have probably succeeded as the meal was forgettable but the dining experience was not.

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