Saturday, 21 May 2016

Borocay Travel: D'Talipapa, Island Mall Talipapa And D'Mall Palengke

Palengke is a Filipino word for wet market while Talipapa means fish market. Visiting markets is always listed in my itinerary if I am traveling on my own as I believe wet markets are the best places to learn about food culture of the locals.
The most talked about market in Borocay is D'Talipapa. Located at Station 2, it is sandwiched between the main road and White Beach though it is not immediately visible from either place. However it only takes a very short walk to reach the marketplace from either side.
This market is opened until night time and sells fresh sea food, some of which are still alive.
Haggling is definitely required as unsuspecting customers can be ripped off.
There are restaurants in the vicinity that can cook your seafood for a fee. If you are traveling as a twosome it is not economical to dine this way. A better alternative would be to pay for a seafood buffet which is available in many restaurants along White Beach. You get to try a bigger array of food and probably pay less than you would here.
Near the market is a maze of stalls selling all types of merchandise.
This is the best place to shop in Borocay as the things are a lot cheaper here.
This is the lane that leads to the market from White Beach.

Island Mall Talipapa
Island Mall Talipapa is much less popular compared to D'Talipapa. It is located at Station 3, just a short distance away from the main road.
The wet market looks lifeless with hardly any customers at 10.30am that day.
The nearby restaurants were opened but there wasn't any diner.
Business was indeed sluggish at Island Mall Talipapa.

D'Mall Palengke
D'Mall Palengke is not really a proper market. It is a lane with stalls on either side selling among other things fresh market produce, food products and souvenirs. There are a number of eateries which cook up great tasting food here.
It is located at Station 2 which is the 'hot area' of Borocay thus enjoying a good number of visitors. Restaurants are often packed, and the stalls apparently enjoy brisk sales.
A meat stall at d'mall Palengke
A fruit stall at d'mall Palengke.

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