Thursday, 26 May 2016

Boracay Travel: Mount Luho

The best place to get a panoramic view of Boracay is Mount Luho. Located more towards the eastern side of Boracay near Bulabog Beach, Mount Luho is just a small hill about 100 metres above sea level. If you stand at the highest view deck on the hill, you actually get to see the contour of more than half the island. This is feasible as Boracay is just 7km long and about 800 metres at the narrowest stretch.
There is a choice between the original viewpoint and the new viewpoint at the entrance. We chose the new one as it is also the highest.
There is an entrance fee of 120pesos/pp but there is no time limit one can spend up there.

What You Can See From The Viewpoint
You can see the southern half of Boracay island all the way to Caticlan.
You can see the entire stretch of Bulabog Beach and Sibuyan Sea. Though White Beach is not visible, you can see the contour of the west coast and Sulu Sea. 
Standing on another end of the viewpoint you can see Lapuz Lapuz Beach and  the smaller Ilig Iligan Beach all the way to the northern end of the east coast. In other words you get to see the entire stretch of the east coast of Boracay.
This is an enlarged image of the serene Lapuz Lapuz Beach
You also get to see resort buildings and other inland structures.
Also visible are the other view decks which are obviously lower than the one we were standing.

You get to enjoy a broad panorama of Borocay 
 (With Lapuz Lapuz Beach and Ilig Iligan Beach)

Panorama (With Bulabog Beach)

More than one view decks are available for viewing the breathtaking panorama.

Photo Gallery
Just to say we were there....
...and want to be a part of the mesmerizing panorama.

How To Get To Mount Luho 
From Station 1, 2 and 3
Option 1: Mount Luho is not too far if you are staying at Boat Station 1, 2 or 3. Motorized tricycles can easily be hailed to bring you to the base of Mount Luho. 
Option 2: You might as well forget this option of renting the ATVs or buggy cars as they are very expensive and not easily available around the various boat stations.
Option 3: The cheapest option is sometimes the best too. We actually walked from our hotel at Boat Station 1 to Bulabog Beach and trekked up a tarred road all the way to Mount Luho. All in the distance is 1.5km and not only was it good exercise, it was also absolutely free. You can see a village along the way, past by a mini zoo and enjoy nice views of some resorts and the sea while trekking up.

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