Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Borocay Travel: Puka Shell Beach

Yapak Beach also known as Puka Shell Beach is the second longest and also the second most popular beach in Borocay. Located at the northern end of Borocay, this secluded beach is accessible by motorized tricycles from the main road and by boats from other beaches.  A visit to Puka Shell Beach is part of the itinerary on an island hopping tour we joined. 
Our boat arrived at Puka Shell Beach a little past 2pm which was not a very good time to swim or to take strolls as it was extremely hot. Despite the high temperature a good number of visitors were seen swimming and some diehards, sunbathing.
The beach looks beautiful. It is broad and the sand is fine and white. The sea has different hues of blue and looks mesmerizing against the azure sky. The gradient is not as gentle compared to White Beach. In many aspects it still trails behind the renowned White Beach.  
Puka Shell Beach is much less commercialized compared to White beach. There are some food and beverage kiosks facing the sea and a few rows of beach chairs for rent. The entrance area is more robust as there are more stalls selling a variety of handicrafts among other things.
Puka Shell Beach is thus named because of an abundance of small round shells with holes or puka shells there. I didn't see many though as most have probably been collected by the villagers to make handicrafts for sale.
Most of the tall trees are way behind the beach area and shade is a precious commodity here. It only need a 5 minutes walk along the beach to get very tanned.
The stalls facing the sea are all decorated with sea shells and corals.
Walking along the main stretch of Puka Beach at 2pm can be exhausting due to the sweltering heat. To get a little reprieve I had to seek out small shades from structures that cast  shadows onto the beach.
Sea shell lovers will find this place a haven for souvenirs. Most handicrafts are made from sea shells by the locals.

Fancy carrying frog bags? You can get them here (& also in d' Talipapa).
I wished I'd come here when the sun is not so hot so that I can better appreciate its beauty.  This beach would make a great spot for viewing sunset as it faces the setting sun.

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