Saturday, 28 May 2016

Borocay Travel: Crystal Cove Island Photo Gallery

Crystal Cove Island is a small private island which is specially done up for tourism. The highlights of this island are two caves but it also features other attractions like an aviary, a lotus pond, an arts gallery, a walking trail and beautifully architectured structures and statues. It is a beautiful island and a Must-See if you are in Borocay.
Located slightly off the south east coast of Borocay, it is easily accessible by boat from Cagban Jetty, Caticlan Jetty or Tambisaan Port Jetty. Day trips to Crystal Cove Island can be arranged through the management of Crystal Cove Island (for further info check out this website or day tour operators from White Beach in Borocay. A more economical way to visit the island is to join any island hopping tour from Borocay where the itinerary includes a stopover in Crystal Cove Island, albeit for a shorter duration. An entrance fee of 200 pesos is required for the visit.

Photo Gallery
Photos of the beautiful Crystal Cove Island can be viewed below.

A small islet near Crystal Cove Island

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