Friday, 13 May 2016

Borocay Travel: What's So Special About Borocay Sunset

Sunset can be viewed from anywhere around the world but there's something special about the sunset in Borocay. The splendour of the setting sun which occured at 6.04pm during my week's stay, is best viewed from either the northern and western coastline of the island or from its highest viewpoint at Mount Luho.
Thankfully my hotel is located near White Beach on the west coast. Walking to the beach in the evenings became something I did religiously the entire week as I just couldn't get enough of the majesty and glory of the setting sun. On one of the evenings, a pink sun was sighted which was an added bonus for me.

Sunset from White Beach 
Each evening I would be among the thousands who throng the beach to wait for the sunset.
The iconic Willy's Rock

A beautiful pink sun was most unexpected that evening.

Sunset From Diniwid Beach

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