Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Boracay Travel: Willy's Rock

Willy's Rock is probably the most iconic landmark in Boracay. It is a rock formation protruding from the seabed, naturally but artistically shaped and naturally beautified by small trees growing on it. It is called Willy's Rock because it is located just in front of Willy's Beach Resort.
Located slightly off White Beach at Station 1, Willy's Rock is easily spotted from a distance. It is such a popular subject for photography that the only time to enjoy privacy at the rock is when the beach is at the hottest in the afternoons. 
A small shrine featuring an altar with a statue of Virgin Mary is built on the rock nearest to the beach. There is a man-made stairs and railings around the shrine.
During low tide one can easily walk to Willy's Rock.
At Willy's Rock during low tide.
The catholic shrine with Virgin Mary Statue on Willy's Rock.
During high tide, the rock is immersed in water forming a little islet. It is still possible to wade and swim to the rock as the beach has a very gentle gradient and the maximum depth should be just four feet. 
A man paddle boarding near Willy's Rock.
The shrubs that enhance the artistic nature of the rock.
It's charming, no wonder it has become Borocay's icon.
Willy's Rock forms a beautiful silhouette against the setting sun.

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