Wednesday 9 November 2016

From Moscow To St Petersburg On Sapsan High Speed Train

There are interesting places yet to explore in Moscow but it was time to bid it farewell. I believe we have seen Moscow's creme de la creme but as time didn't permit, we had to move on. Our next destination was St Petersburg, an ancient city founded in 1703.
We made our way to Leningradsky Train Staion in Moscow to board the bullet train. All bags had to go through a scanning machine which was a good thing. That at least alleviated the possibility of terrorists bombings which actually happened in 2009, 2010 and 2013 at Russia's metro and train stations killing close to 100 people.
St Petersburg is 650km from Moscow. The journey would take too long if we were to travel by bus. The Sapsan High Speed which we took shortened travelling time to just 4 hours.
Ticket fare is not fixed and varies according to different departure time within the day.
The seats were comfortable but some seats were made to face each other. I happened to be seating against the direction of the train which made me a little giddy initially.
There were a few pit stops but no one was allowed to alight as the train resumed its journey very fast. There is a cafeteria in one of the coaches and toilets are available.

St Petersburg At Last
By the time we reached St Petersburg it was dark. We had to pull our luggage very far to where the bus parked.
It was a 'like at first sight' experience I had with St Petersburg. I looked forward to see more of the city the next few days.

My First Glimpses Of St Petersburg

The last spectacular monument we passed by before reaching our hotel was Smolny Cathedral. 

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