Thursday 17 November 2016

St Petersburg: St Isaac's Cathedral And Some Nearby Attractions (Photo Gallery)

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Scroll down to see some of St Petersburg city attractions.
1. St Isaac's Cathedral
St Isaac's Cathedral is a very prominent landmark in St Petersburg. Standing at 101.5 meters tall, it is the largest cathedral in St Petersburg and the 4th largest in the world. Its construction took 40 long years for completion (1818-1858) as very intricate details were put into the adornment of the exterior as well as the interior of the building. It was an orthodox church big enough for 14,000 standing worshipers but it has now become a museum.
The dome is gilded with 100 kg of gold and it is so immense so that it can be seen from many parts of the city. The exterior is decorated with many sculptures and majestic looking malachite and lapis lazuli (deep blue semi-precious stone) columns.
The Bronze Door (seen from outside)
The exterior ceiling
The Gigantic Door (seen from the interior)
Door detail
The grand interior

Interior pillars, ceiling mosaic and design
The amazing thing about this cathedral is it is sumptuously decorated. Walls and ceiling are completely covered by icons and mosaics.
Dome Interior
Ceiling mosaic, chandeliers, sculptures
The pulpit
Wall mosaic and elegant pillars
Bottom Right: Shrine

2.St Isaac's Square And 
Monument To Nicholas I
Bordering one facade of St Isaac's Cathedral is St Isaac's Square. Monument to Tsar Nicholas I is located on the square. This monument features a statue of Nicholas I on a horse.

3.Alexander Garden
Alexander garden is St Petersburg's first public garden. It is a well maintained park ideal for strolling and relaxation.

4.Senate Square
Senate Square or Decembrist Square is a city square near St Isaac's Cathedral. The Monument of Peter The Great is located on this square. 
Monument of Peter The Great or popularly known as Bronze Horseman is the first monument ever put up in St Petersburg.
Just in front of the Bronze Horseman is a 19th century building called Senate and Synod. These buildings are joined by a triumphal arch and now houses the state historical archives.
Another 19th century building nearby is Four Seasons Lion Palace Hotel. Once an imperial palace, this building is now a 5 star hotel.
A Hop On Hop Off City Tour Bus

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