Friday 25 November 2016

St Petersburg's Peter And Paul Fortress

I don't remember studying Russian history in school but visiting some of its historical sites did evoke the desire to learn more about its days of yore. 
St Petersburg being an ancient town is replete with places that have interesting stories to tell. One such place is Peter and Paul Fortress. 
This fortress was the first structure to be built in St Petersburg. It was built in 1703 by the notable Russian emperor, Peter The Great to protect his territory from Swedish attack. Before it's completion however, the Russians had won the war. The fortress ground was later used as a military base, a ground for government departments and a prison for political prisoners. There are two entrances into the fortress. This picture shows the entrance we used. This fortress actually lies on one of St Petersburg small islands called Hare Island and a part of the fortress is on the Neva River embankment. 
The fortress seen from outside.
The weather around the time I was there was rather gloomy but I am glad it didn't rain.
There are a few prominent buildings within the fortress. The most spectacular being Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral.
St Peter and Paul Cathedral is the first church in St Petersburg. Together with its spire it stands at 122.5m (402 ft) making it the second tallest building in St Petersburg after its TV tower. It has a bell tower with a cupola topped with a golden angel clinging onto a cross.
The fortress encompasses quite a big area and there are many buildings on its ground.
The Boathouse is a pavillion built specially to house a small boat that belonged to Peter The Great as the tsar was very much into sailing.
The Mint is a building where coins and medals are minted. It has been in existence since 1724 and still serves the purpose today.
This building in red is Nikolsky Curtain Wall and Gate. The interior of the wall was once used as barracks, warehouse space and prison cells. Today most of these buildings (except The Mint) have become museums.
We visited St Peter and Paul Cathedral to have a look at its grand interior. This cathedral was built from year 1712 to 1733 and houses the tombs of many tsars and tsarinas starting from the time of Peter The Great.

With so many visitors hanging around the tombs everyday,  I wonder if the tsars and their wives are resting in peace. 😁😁😁.
The church is no longer used as a place of worship by the orthodox Christians but the decors which are mostly religious icons are still intact.
I wouldn't say this is the most beautiful cathedral I have visited for this Russia trip but it is stupendous, nevertheless.
I am most impressed with the ceilings as they are remarkably embellished.

From the cathedral, we moved to the galleries to view other exhibits.

St Petersburg is amazing and  I simply 💗 it!

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