Saturday 29 July 2017

An Excursion To South America: 7. From Rio To Iguazu Falls

We took a flight out of  Rio and headed for The Triple Frontier, a tri-border area where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet. For the next two days we were going to visit waterfalls and nothing but waterfalls. I do not have much interest in waterfalls but these falls must have been very spectacular for us to be spending so much time on them.  By the way this excursion came with a preset itinerary which I wasn't party to planning.
The is the last photo of Rio taken as we left the city. Our two hour flight on LATAM Airline landed on Foz do Iguacu, a Brazilian city near The Triple Frontier. From there, our bus took us across the border into Argentina as our accommodation the next two nights was in Argentina and not in Brazil. 
Map showing the first flight destination in my South America Excursion

Approaching Foz do Iguacu, the Iguazu Falls could be seen as the plane was landing.

We didn't really have a chance to visit the hub of Foz do Iguacu. Except for its airport, the city was bypassed as we headed straight for the Argentina/Brazil border.  

This part of Brazil that we just arrived in looks very laid-back. In fact this place is mostly about sub-tropical rainforests and waterfalls.  

Arriving at the Argentina Immigration, we waited to get our passport stamped.

We passed through Puerto IguazĂș, a small Argentinian town that services the community at the border area. 
 A shop at Puerto IguazĂș, Argentina

The Triple Frontier is an important landmark in Argentina as this is where three countries meet and are within visibility of each other. Here, Iguazu River streamed out of Parana River forming a natural boundary for Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A square is set up on the Argentinian side where visitors can stand to view its neighboring countries. Similar landmarks are also set up at The Triple Frontier on Paraguay side and Brazil side but we only visited this one. 
Each of the three countries has erected an obelisk bearing the colors of its respective national flag. Standing at each obelisk, visitors can see the emblematic obelisks of its counterparts.  
Standing on Argentina soil and viewing Brazil (the landmass on the upper right) and Paraguay (the landmass on the upper left) was a great feeling. You cannot do fun things like putting one foot on one country and another on another country though, as the three countries are separated by wide rivers.
The two rivers acting as boundaries for the three nations is best seen from the sky.
(Photo: Courtesy of fellow travelers who took this shot from a helicopter )
And looking at the next few photos need no more explanation on why the Iguazu Falls should be worth the time, the 2-hour flight and money spent on accommodation. 
(Photo: Courtesy of fellow travelers who took this shot from a helicopter )
Stupendous? Magnificent? Breathtaking? Can't find enough words to describe the falls. Spending two days visiting falls after falls I have this to say. "Awesome!" I may not be a fan of waterfalls but I love Iguazu Falls.
(Photo: Courtesy of fellow travelers who took this shot from a helicopter)
Photo: Courtesy of fellow travelers who took this shot from a helicopter 

Stay tuned for the next post with more photos of Iguazu Falls

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