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An Excursion To South America: 3. Rio de Janeiro's Famous Beaches

Among some attractions not to be missed in Rio de Janeiro are its world acclaimed beaches. You may not have been to these beaches but you have probably heard songs inspired by Rio's neighborhoods which are home to these beaches. Copacabana and Ipanema are two such neighborhoods.

"Copacabana" is a 1978 song sung by Barry Manilow that debuted on Billboard Magazine's Top 40 chart on July 7, 1978, and peaked at #8 while 

"The Girl from Ipanema" or "Garota de Ipanema" is a Brazilian jazz song which became a worldwide hit in the mid-1960s and won a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1965.

Haven't heard of them? Never mind. I am posting videos of these two songs, so do enjoy them.

Copacabana By Barry Manilow

The Girl From Ipanema  by João Gilberto & Stan Getz  (Original Version From 1962)

Copacabana Beach
It is thus natural to say that a visit to Rio de Janeiro would really be incomplete without spending some time at its famed beaches. Thankfully my hotel is just a few steps from Copacabana Beach. 
Copacabana Beach stretches a distance of 4 km and is located right at the edge of the city. It is bordered on the left hand side by an old fort which sits on a small hill called Leme Hill (see picture above) and on the right hand side by Copacabana Fort (see picture below).
This beach is normally filled to the brim during summer but there was an absence of big crowds when I was there. With temperature dropping in winter people tend to shy away from the sea.
The beach is still a popular hangout among the locals. Some would bring foldable chairs, umbrellas and have picnics while some would enjoy beach volleyballs and other games.
Creativity knows no bound at Copacabana Beach. It is common to see sand castles on beaches but here you get to see sensuous sand sculptures of sexy women made alive with real wigs put over the heads.

There are many beach stalls along the promenade, selling light food and drinks.
...and beach vendors that move about selling their wares.
There's the charm of swaying coconut trees. 
Copacabana Promenade along Avenida Atlantica has a pavement that is specially designed with a wave-like pattern. A night market is held every Sunday on the opposite side of the beach.
A flurry of activity seen on Copacabana Beach.
Copacabana Beach on a late afternoon
Sunset at Copacabana Beach
The promenade - a nice place to stroll 
Cariocas enjoying the cool winter breeze at Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach at night. Photo taken from my room in Hilton Hotel.
The Sunday Night Market across the beach
Items sold on Sunday Night Market, Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach
Equally popular in Rio is Ipanema Beach which is touted to be cleaner and the sand whiter than that of Copacabana Beach. I spent much less time here as it is not within walking distance from where I stayed in Rio.
Ipanema Beach is a shorter stretch of beach compared to Copacabana Beach. It runs 
a distance of 2 km and it located at the edge of a very affluent neighborhood in Rio. Just across the street you can find a hive of commercial activities. There are boutiques, chic stores, bars and restaurants.

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