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An Excursion To South America: 5.A Quirky Restaurant In Rio

There is this restaurant in Rio de Janeiro that I simply have to talk about.  'Marius Degustare', the first restaurant I dined in Brazil's capital city is in fact quirky to the core. Fortunately I have a penchant for things that are unconventional and bizarre. The unique ambiance and the whole set-up at Marius Degustare is a head turner and one that literally woke my tired mind up after a very long 24 hour plane journey.
Located near Copacabana, this restaurant offers buffet as well as a la carte meals. Diners have the option to dine outdoor or indoor but first timers should head indoor as there is a plethora of surprises inside.
On the right hand side of its entrance, a row of flags is planted on the roof and two vintage cars exhibited at the patio.
At the entrance you will be greeted by an antique furniture and a sailor's wheel among other things.
Upon entering, the head will start to turn. The number of ornaments protruding from walls and hanging from the ceiling is crazy! The restaurant is supposed to have a decor that combines a maritime theme with antique artifacts from Brazil's farming past but I think the theme extends to more than that. While trying to admire the beautiful ceramic plates a pinocchio wooden doll came into sight.
In the midst of porcelain wares, you see a fanciful guitar, a sporty helmet and other unusual items glued to the wall.
Brassware, kitchen utensils and tools hang from all over the ceiling.
Beautiful lanterns, antique objects, the list is certainly long and diverse.
A section of the ceiling is embedded with beautiful crystals and shiny stones.
I was initially more interested in going around to see the zany exhibits than to eat.

There is more to see on the first floor where the restrooms are located. There is a sculpture of a woman with a crooked nose.
A myriad of seashells and other interesting items stuck out from the ceiling. The yellow lights made them shine like looted gold treasure. 
The walls and toilet door appear pretty weird too.
The washroom is a must-see as it is one-of-a-kind washroom that you'll never get to see anywhere else.
From the wooden sink to the wooden sink top and the queer-looking tap... Wow, this is bizarre but very interesting.
It is also an out-of-the norm thing to walk on a washroom floor that is scented and strewn with dried leaves.
And just as you are walking down the stairs, the legs of a man dangling from the vertical wall might either give you a scare or put a smile on your lips.

The Food
And how would I rate the food? I was there for the buffet (seafood/meat) which cost about R$200 (more than RM250) per pax. This upper end restaurant cooks up a good spread of Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisines. The variety of dishes, side dishes, starters, appetizers and desserts is really commendable. The food I had was undoubtedly quality food with a lot of expensive stuff like scallops, octopus, oysters, mussels, salmon, lobsters, and grilled meat. However most of the dishes were dangerously salty and this is the only downside to an otherwise great dining experience. 

The service was excellent too. We had waiters coming to our tables non-stop to serve us grilled beef, etc, which are not displayed on the buffet table and you can eat all you want.

I tried almost every dishes but left a lot wasted. The desserts were so sweet, they made me giddy and as mentioned, most of the dishes had excessive salt in them. Franco my tour guide gave his rationale that when the food is salty, patrons tend to order more wine and more hefty will the bill be. Even though I didn't really enjoy the food, I didn't seem to mind as my eyes were well feasted and this is all thanks to the idiosyncrasy of the proprietor who has successfully doubled-up his restaurant as a unique exhibition showpiece. 

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