Saturday 19 August 2017

An Excursion To South America: 13. JW Marriott, Lima Review

JW Marriott is a hotel brand that speaks of class and elegance so I was naturally overjoyed to learn that I would be staying in JW Marriott, Lima. We checked into the hotel rather late, in time to unpack a few things before retiring to bed. The next day we had breakfast at its 'La Vista Restaurant', spent the whole day out, came back late at night and checked out the following morning. It was a pity I didn't get to explore the hotel premise and use some of its facilities but somehow my impression of JW Marriott Lima is not as favorable as I had hoped it would be. I wonder whether I would feel the same had I spent more time in the hotel as many guests who have stayed here have been raving about it.
Firstly, I didn't quite like the idea of getting on the elevator before I could get to the reception lobby. The lobby is located on the second floor and you don't see a lot of space as you would in some grand hotels. Maybe I kept comparing it with another JW Marriott that I've stayed before and this one doesn't match up in every aspect. The reception area is tucked in a small area between the elevator and the bar on the further end. I don't seem to like the setting of the entire lobby layout. 
There is a casino within the hotel premise but I understand this is a separate entity from JW Marriott.
The bar is a lively place and there appeared to be a fair crowd at night. There is a spa, a swimming pool and a gym but I didn't have time to even take a peep at these facilities.
I was given a deluxe room which happened to be a corner unit. The extra corners and edges took up precious space and my roommate and I had difficulty finding enough space for our big luggage. There are a few commendable features though; the beds are large and comfortable, there are many extra pillows, and the necessary facilities a traveller may need were all there.
I appreciate a birthday greeting and a piece of birthday cake placed on the working table for me. I was there during my birthday and little thoughts like that did matter somehow.
The bathroom is spacious and nice. There is a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle and the room as a whole is immaculate.

Breakfast spread was better than average. Buffet breakfast is served at the hotel's main restaurant, La Vista.
I like the fact that all the food are labelled by name and some by ingredients. Included in the spread are Chinese dumplings and some authentic South American food like Quinoa, Tamali, Peruvian sausage and sangrecita (blood sausage).

Breakfast is always sumptuous at La Vista. I like the variety of fresh fruit and vegetable juices served each morning.

The main asset of JW Marriott, Lima is its location. It is located in the upscale district of Miraflores next to El Malecon, a scenic clifftop walkway that stretches for miles parallel to the coast and overlooking Pacific Ocean.  Just opposite the hotel is a shopping complex that offers shopping, dining and entertainment and below that is the beach. It is also not too far from major tourist hot spots of Lima City.

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