Tuesday 15 August 2017

An Excursion To South America: 12. Getting To Know Lima, Part II

As mentioned in an earlier post "Getting To Know Lima, Part 1", Lima is a juxtaposition of the old and the modern. Its historic charm is something to marvel about but its modern facades are pretty impressive too. My stay in Lima was brief but I managed to visit its leading shopping centre, cruised past its upscale Miraflores District and dined in one of its finest state-of-the-art restaurants. 

Images Of Modern Lima

Jockey Plaza
Jockey Plaza in the district of  Santiago de Surco is the leading Shopping Center in Peru boasting 3 departmental stores, 2 hypermarkets, 1 home store and 481 retail outlets. It has a food court with a capacity of 1,500 people, 12 movie theaters, 1 convention center, 1 medical center and 5,120 parking spaces.
You can find the best national and international brands here.

Fans of Hard Rock Cafe will be delighted to find an outlet in this complex with a commendable range of souvenir items.
Trying on a Hard Rock Cafe cap but found out that it is made in China. 

Miraflores DistrictMiraflores is Lima's affluent district fronting the Pacific Ocean. Exclusive residential homes, upscale hotels and restaurants are concentrated in this district making it a choice destination for tourists. We stayed in JW Marriott Hotel which is also located in Miraflores. 
El Malecon is a seafront walkway that stretches 6 miles parallel to the coast with an enchanting view of Pacific Ocean. It runs along the cliff at the edge of Miraflores and is lined with beautiful parks, trendy cafes and fine restaurants. 
A very upscale shopping centre on El Malecon is the Lacomar Shopping Mall. This is just across where I stayed in JW Marriott Hotel.
This is Lacomar Shopping Mall in the morning before opening for business.

Dining At La Rosa Nautika Restaurant
La Rosa Nautika Restaurant is one of Lima's best restaurant. It is built on a pier that extends into the ocean along the coast of Miraflores. 
The skyline of Lima seen from the pier where La Rosa Nautika is located is a picture of modernity in stark contrast to The Historic Centre which has an ambiance of the past.
A great location,  good ambiance and tantalising cuisines make dining at La Rosa Nautika an unforgettable experience.

La Rosa Nautika is built with an exquisite design. It is elegant both from the exterior as well as interior. 

A stylish boardwalk leads from the main road to the restaurant.

This restaurant serves South American cuisines and is an expensive place to dine in.
I tried my first glass of 'pisco sour' here. This alcoholic cocktail which has egg white, lemon juice, sweet syrup and a type of brandy called pisco as ingredients is special because it is authentic to Peru. I love the taste even though I'm normally repulsive to alcohol.
Baked scallop with cheese is one of the restaurant's signature dish. It's a a little too rich but good otherwise.
The seafood paella is an authentic South American dish. It was my main meal that evening.
Everything about the restaurant was commendable; the decor, the food, the location, the ambiance and even the small stalls that line the boardwalk outside.
These stalls look very dainty and sell an assortment of very interesting stuffs.

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