Thursday, 7 January 2016

Shenyang Part 6: Shenyang Imperial Palace

In the middle of the city, stands Shenyang's most prized heritage, the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty. A visit here is a must if you wish to gain an insight into the dynasty's glorious past.
The palace is located at Shenyang Road. The street leading to the palace look somewhat different from the modern ones we'd been seeing the last couple of days. There is antiquity in the setting which emanated a rather cozy ambiance.
Stalls near the palace.
The gateway into the palace complex.
Shenyang Imperial Palace or Mukden Palace as it was formerly called is one of the top attractions in Shenyang. This palace boasts more than 300 impressively decorated rooms and 20 courtyards built on varying levels. Despite its magnanimity, it is only one twelfth the size of The Imperial Palace of Beijing, also known as The Forbidden City. Built in 1625 by the first emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Nurhaci, and later extended by his successors, this palace has been home to three Qing emperors.
Dazheng Hall or Hall of Great Affairs was one of the earliest structures constructed. The design incorporates architecture of the Manchus, the Hans as well as the Mongols.
This octagonal building is unique in that it does not have walls. Instead surrounding it are 48 doors. 
Inside Dazheng Hall sits the elaborate throne of the Emperor. This hall is the place where the emperor attended to political affairs. 
On the left and right hand side of this octagonal hall stood 10 Banner Pavillions which were once used as administrative offices by the tribal chieftains.
The Imperial Garden
One of the many courtyards
More buildings and courtyard
There is an array of impressive exhibits in the various halls. Among the exhibits are furniture, vases, ornaments, paintings and even the sword of Emperor Nurhaci which are all priceless relics of this Manchu dynasty.
Walking around here is like flipping the pages of a Chinese History book.
Within the palace are corners with many stories that only those who had once lived here would be able to tell.
And there are ancient architecture to admire.
The library which is painted green is distinctly different from all others that are painted red. 
Admiring the intricacies.
Ron standing in front of Phoenix Pavilion which was once the tallest structure in Shenyang.
It felt nice to be able to trod the grounds that was once trodden by the great emperors, empresses, the concubines and their entourages.

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