Sunday, 3 January 2016

Shenyang Part 4: Interesting Museums Of Shenyang

1.September 18 Museum
I made an effort to read up on some Chinese history to better appreciate this museum that I was visiting. The history goes like this......
On Sept 18 1931, the Japanese forces who already occupied Manchuria (present day Northeast China) blamed the Chinese rebels for the bombing of the Japanese owned and operated railway crossing in Mukden (present day Shenyang). This bombing was actually staged by the rogue Japanese military as an excuse to launch the Second Sino-Japanese War against the Chinese. On this fateful day the Japanese attacked Manchuria, pillaged its cities, killed thousands and caused unfathomable atrocities against their Chinese captives. The next 14 years under the Japanese rule was the darkest period in the history of modern China. 
September 18 Museum in Shenyang features exhibits of events leading to and after this dark incident. 
This museum sits on the actual site of the incident. Among the more impressive structures seen on the museum ground is a structure that looks like an open book.
There is also a big brass bell.
These are statues that obviously depict the hardship suffered by the Chinese under the Japanese occupation.
The main exhibits are however, housed in this huge building.
The interior features photographs, documents and write-ups about the incident as well as the events prior to and after the incident.
It also features reenactments of related events.
Skulls of the victims serve as a reminder of Japanese cruelty during the occupation.
Among the things on exhibit are devices used by the Japanese to torture and inflict pain on their captives.
Leaving the museum, I couldn't help but feel relieved that this dark era has long gone.

2. The Museum Of Finance
Another interesting museum in Shenyang is the Museum Of Finance. The main exhibit is a replica of a bank in the 1930s era that was privately owned by the influential Manchurian warlords Zhang Zuolin and his son (who were once governors of Northeast China).
The exhibit features a scene on a typical working day in the bank. Human-sized wax figurines are created to depict bankers and bank customers doing actual banking transactions and what's unique is they look quite real.
Now who's who? There are 3 figurines and two real men here. Walking around, the wax figures could momentarily be mistaken for museum visitors and vice versa.
This museum also features exhibits like international currencies used during the early era, a collection of stamps and trade papers. These can be found in other chambers.

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