Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jilin Part 1: A Wintry Journey From Shenyang To Jilin

We left Shenyang early in the morning and headed for Jilin, another city in Northeast China. Jilin is about 300km north of Shenyang and the journey by bus took close to 5 hours.
In Shenyang we saw frozen lakes and rivers and puddles of water by the streets and walkways that have turned into ice but were yet to see the snow even though the temperature has dropped to -14°C As our bus moved further from the city the landscape turned whiter and whiter. It was exciting as for the first time since our arrival, there was snow everywhere.

While many passengers in my bus have dozed off, I chose to stay awake to admire the scenic panoramas that I could never find at home. These are some of the photographs I took to remember the journey.

JILIN-Glimpses Of The City
We finally arrived at Jilin, a city much smaller in size compared to Shenyang and lesser known internationally.  
The weather was obviously a lot colder in Jilin.
The sky was clear when we reached the city. Towards the later part of the afternoon however, the snow began to fall and the weather turned misty and foggy. The temperature reached  -21°C at its lowest that day.
Snow flakes gradually turned the streets white. Municipal workers had to work very hard to shuffle away the snow so that traffic would not come to a halt.

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Anonymous said...

Wow,great! You've even included a map in your blog. The photos look much like what I've seen on TV & you got to see those places on the ground. Once again, very interesting & good pictures.

Lily... said...

All the photos are taken from a moving bus. i am glad they turn out not too bad.

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