Sunday, 10 January 2016

Jilin Part 2: The Snow Of Jilin

It is amazing to see how only a few hours of snowfall could make everything turn white. In Jilin we got to do what we couldn't do in Shenyang, that is walking into snow covered fields to pose against the white backdrop, just like painting a white sheet of paper with the colours of our winter coats. Out of sheer excitement, the biting cold was momentarily forgotten as we happily clicked away our camera that was constantly begging for more warmth.

Jilin is also famous for its snow rimmed trees. We didn't get to see the best available but the sight of trees with lumps of snow dangling from the leaves and branches was novel enough to get us mesmerized.

Never before have we been so vain. Having a post full of our portraits. It must have been the wintry elegance of the snow rimmed trees that got us this intoxicated. 

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1 comment :

Anonymous said...

This is what I could call winter wonderland, often seen on movies & novels (those days I used to read a lot).What a priceless experience.

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