Tuesday 5 January 2016

Shenyang Part 5: Beijing Park And Zhaoling Tomb

Beijing Park is the biggest and most famous park in Shenyang. Covering a vast area of 3.3 million sq metres, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site housing the imperial tombs and mausoleum complex (Zhaoling Tomb) of the Qing Dynasty.
We were brought to the park mainly to see the mausoleum of Huang Taiji and his empress. Though Huang Taiji was the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty he was its actual founder. A big statue of this Manchurian emperor could be seen along the way into the mausoleum complex. 
The park is however not all about tombs and mausoleum. It is a charming park with lakes and beautiful elm trees, a serene place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.
The lakes were all frozen and I did feel tempted to walk across it and imagine I am walking on water just like what Jesus did in Matthew 14:25.
Many have come to ski on the lake. Walking on it was far from easy as it was utterly slippery.
A wintry walk on a sunny day across The Sacred Bridge - the setting couldn't have been more romantic.
Jade Belt River below the Sacred Bridge has stopped flowing. Just like the lakes it has become solid ice.
By the time we reached this ancient gateway we had walked a long distance from the entrance. The tomb was still a long way to go but it was a pleasant walk as the weather was cold.
This Stone Archway is part of the the mausoleum complex.
Ornately carved with intricate designs, this is something from the past that deserves admiration and appreciation.
There are a series of ancient structures and buildings each with its unique historical significance.
This is the hall that houses the nameplates of the occupants of the tombs and where ceremonies for the emperor were conducted.
The architecture around the mausoleum complex is full of wonder.
Our tour culminated with the viewing of Zhaoling Tomb which is a large earthen mound with an elm tree growing on top. We have walked 1.2km to reach here. We made our exit by taking a slow stroll along the same path back to the gate where we entered.
Beijing Park is simply amazing and phew, that was a park worth visiting!

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