Wednesday 27 January 2016

Harbin Part 6: Harbin Attractions

Besides the Ice And Snow Festival, Harbin offers a long list of city attractions worth talking about. These are some of the places we visited.

1. Saint Sophia Cathedral
St Sophia Cathedral was built by the Russians in 1907. Today it stands magnificently in the city as one of the top tourist attractions of Harbin though it is no longer used as a church.
The details 
The details
The green domed roofs
The side entrance
Another facade
We were there!
Sophia Square
Sophia Square
Sophia Square
Caramelised fruit vendor at Sophia Square

2. Long Ta or Dragon Tower
We made a pit stop to see Long Ta or Dragon Tower. This is Heilongjiang's broadcasting and TV tower and standing at 336m it is the tallest steel tower in China. 

3. Stalin Park (Sidalin Park)
Stalin Park is a riverside promenade. Stretching 1750 metres long this park is lined with trees and benches and is dotted with interesting statues, and lovely buildings.
A beautiful European style building seen from the park.
The Flood Control Memorial Tower is located around the middle of the park.
An ice sculpture and a souvenir store at Stalin Park

4. Central Street (Zhongyang Pedestrian Street)
This square marks the beginning of Zhongyang Pedestrian Street. This street is the main shopping hub of Harbin and among retailers found here are Parkson and Walmart.

5. Ice Sculptures Everywhere
Ice Sculpture at Changjiang Road
Ice sculptures are not only confined to the venues of Harbin's Ice and Snow Festival but are found everywhere befitting the city's nickname as The Ice City. 
Ice Sculpture at Youyi Road

6. Night Scenery Of The City
Many parts of the city are beautifully illuminated at night.

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