Wednesday 13 January 2016

Changchun Part 1: The Journey From Jilin To Changchun

There is a time for everything. A time to arrive and a time to leave.
Since we would never come back to Jilin again, we had a good last look at the city. Its highway...
its roads and its barren trees...
its buildings...
...trying to capture its wintry charm and etch it into our memory.
We finally left the city and traveled westward to Changchun. The two cities are just 113km apart using the tolled highway.

This is the scenery I saw on my two hour journey. All these photographs were taken from a moving bus through the frosted window that constantly had to be wiped.
"Trees are naked and crops fail to grow but why is winter this beautiful?" I wished I know.
The fields and villages have been covered with a blanket of snow.
I saw many villages. They looked so calming. 
Everywhere, the tranquility was pacifying.

Two hours passed in the wink of an eye. I did wish the journey lasted a little longer so that I could continue to savour the picturesque landscape that has become so therapeutic. 

Glimpses Of Changchun
We finally arrived at Changchun.
Changchun is the capital of Jilin Province. It is also the second largest city in Northeast China.
Like Jilin, it is another wintry city. 
There was snow everywhere.
Seeing a cleared path meant tonnes of energy had been poured in by the municipal workers to shuffle the snow away. They worked round the clock to stop traffic from coming to a standstill.
At -24°C, no body of water was spared. We passed by a frozen river where boats were immobilized as though they had been glued.
Our bottled drinking water too was not spared from the harsh and extreme cold. The only way to overcome this is to bring water in a thermo flask.

Time of Visit: December


Anonymous said...

There's really so much to see in China, and savouring the scenery from a moving bus enables us to see a wide panorama. Every season has its beauty - you are blessed to have 1st hand experience of winter and its beauty.

Lily... said...

This sounds very poetic.

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