Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Borocay Travel: Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach runs parallel to White Beach on the opposite side of Borocay.  Even though the beach is not as long, as wide or as beautiful as White Beach there are certain activities that are best done on this beach. The wind and waves are stronger on Bulabog Beach and it is probably a better place to do wind surfing. Activities like kiteboarding which is not available at White Beach is a popular activity here.

A Virtual Tour Around Bulabog Beach
A man taking windsurfing lesson
Very strong wind at Bulabog Beach
Kites used for kiteboarding are big and colorful.
The kites can be seen flying as far as the Main Road near White Beach.
There are a number of centers offering lessons and rental of kiteboarding equipment.

The northern side of Bulabog Beach is not a pleasant sight. A lot of debris is washed up the beach. It is also littered with empty bottles, etc.

Debris being washed to the beach
The more beautiful part of the beach is on the southern side.

Some stretches of the beach are so narrow they are immersed during high tide.
Rocks and islet at the southern end of Bulabog Beach
Village children playing by the beach
Bulabog Beach does provide luxury accommodation even though it is not as popular as White Beach.
There are only a few shops and eateries along Bulabog Beach.To get a better array, just walk to the main road or White Beach which is less than a kilometre away.

How To Get To Bulabog Beach From Boat Station 1,2 or 3
Bulabog Beach is connected to the main road via Bulabog Road and a few smaller lanes running through the villages.  A couple of options to get to this beach would be to take the motorized tricycle or to walk. Our hotel (Crystal Regency Prince Hotel) is located at the intersection of Bulabog Road and Main Road and it was convenient to walk to the beach (about 700metres).
On a lane off Bulabog Road is a big catholic church (Iglesia Ni Cristo)
At the beach end of Bulabog Road is the beachfront road, aka Mount Luho Road which leads to Mount Luho.

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