Thursday, 9 June 2016

Borocay Travel: D'Mall

D'Mall is a one-stop shopping arcade located at Station 2 in Borocay.  It is made up of a small labyrinth of shops that can be accessed from either the main road or White Beach. It is almost complete with a supermarket, shops selling an array of merchandise, upper-end and budget eateries, cafes and snack shops, a bakery, money changers, a pharmacy and entertainment outlets. This pedestrianized mall is Borocay's hospot for tourists.
D'Mall Photo Gallery
One of the lanes in D'Mall.
Entrance from the Main Road.
It is quite a safe place to be as there are police surveillance in the area.
A boutique with trendy fashionwear.
Unlike D'Talipapa and I' Talipapa, D'Mall offers better quality merchandise. Some are international brands.
Even if you don't shop this is a great hangout as there are lots of things to see.
Budget Mart at the entrance of D'Mall enjoy brisk sales from the load of visiting tourists.
Julie's Bakery at the entrance to D'Mall. 
There are many food options at D'Mall.
Inasal that serves Filipino cuisines is always packed to the brim. International cuisines  available include Thai, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Western and Middle-Eastern.
There is a small hotel inside D'Mall. There are also public facilities like benches and toilets.
There is a rock wall for abscaling, spa centres, and money changers.
Entrance to D'Mall from White Beach
Souvenir items like these are best purchased at D'Talipapa as they are a lot cheaper there.

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