Friday, 17 June 2016

Boracay Travel: A Review Of Dinner Buffet @ Sea Breeze Cafe of Henann Regency Resort

In my quest for the best buffet in Boracay, I came across Sea Breeze Cafe, a beachfront restaurant operated by Henann Regency Resort at White Beach Station 2. We scheduled our last dinner in Boracay at this restaurant thinking the best should be left to the last and I was really looking forward to a sumptuous meal here. It must be nice as food reviewers and bloggers have been raving about this place.
This restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. We opted for dinner buffet which is priced at Php 793 net per person. It is the most expensive dinner buffet along White Beach but one that also offers the best array of food. (Price quoted is as of time of writing)
Diners can choose to dine in the restaurant premise or al fresco on the beach. Al fresco diners have to carry their food across the busy beachfront path trod by hundreds of other passers-by. In order to prevent mooching, every paying guest is made to wear a red hand band.
There is a food station right at the entrance displaying heaps of steamed crabs, clams, prawns and barbecued beef. The aroma and alluring sight of these food is a great way to entice hungry onlookers. Judging by the non-stop crowds patronizing this eatery, it has indeed succeeded.
The restaurant has a nice ambiance. The way food is displayed, the professional fruit carvings and pretty decors exude great aesthetic appeal.

There is a big selection of main dishes, side dishes, dressings and pickles.
There are local as well as international cuisines.
I am most impressed  by the assortment of desserts available.
Dining comes with free entertainment in the form of a one-man band and 2 lady singers.
There were some great tasting dishes but some fell short of our expectation. I accidentally swallowed a few rotten clams and had serious food poisoning the next day. Putting this aside, the buffet was generally good but fell short of excellence.
The thing I enjoyed most are the local desserts.

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