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Boracay Travel: Boracay Eats

Trying out cuisines authentic to a place is always something I look forward to in any travel. While some prefer to stick to familiar food they find at home, my preference is always food with local flavours that is popular among local residents.
This post is about our gastronomical experience in Boracay. The reviews here are based on personal preference and palette as I believe one man's meat may be another's poison.

Mang Inasal
It is not easy to get empty seats at Mang Inasal, a fast food restaurant that sells Filipino cuisines. The non-stop crowd at this restaurant very much speaks for itself.
This restaurant is located at Boracay's shopping hotspot, D'Mall.
It's signature meal is the grilled chicken. It looks like any grilled chicken we've tasted but the grilled chicken here is a class above many others.
I tried the grilled fish (bangus inihaw) which was equally good.
The bbq pork satay tend to be a little tough.
The 'palabok' is authentically Filipino. The taste is unique and worth the try.
Halo-halo is Filipino's version of  Malaysia's 'Ice Kajang' or 'ABC' . The ingredients are mostly different though. There are many stalls in Boracay selling this dessert, each with its own set of ingredients that differ in one way or the other.
Another dessert we ate at Mang Inasal is Creme de leche. This dessert is super creamy, milky and yummy. 
Pricing of food here is affordable. It's something like RM10 to RM15 for a set meal excluding desserts.

Andoks is another Filipino chain of restaurants selling Filipino cuisines. It's signature dish is roasted chicken. The food is good though not as good as Mang Inasal's.
There are 6 branches of Andoks spread out in Boracay. I visited the ones at D'Mall and Main Road Station 1.
It also sells very average tasting dumplings.

928 Cafe & Grill
928 Cafe and Grill is a beachfront restaurant at Station 2, White Beach that offers affordable meals.
We had a simple yet satisfying meal at 928.

Tilapia 'N Chips
Tilapia 'N Chips is popular among locals as well as foreigners as it also serves western eats. There are 2 branches, one at D'Mall Palengke and one at D'Talipapa.
We only went for its signature dish which is deep fried tilapia that came with coleslaw, rice and soup.  Price-wise it tends to be on the higher end.

Hantal's Resto Bar
The worst meal I ever had in Boracay was at Hantal's Resto Bar at Station 3, White Beach.
The cooking was alright but the beef was not fresh. We only had ourselves to blame as we went against our rule of 'only patronizing eateries with a fair to good crowd'.

Atlanta Crazy Crepes
I wonder why people are so crazy about Atlanta Crazy Crepes, a chain of ice cream and dessert shop. It draws big crowds of customers but the crepes we tried were sickeningly sweet. Took a few bites and wished we had not patronized the eatery. We saw one branch at D'Mall and one at White Beach Station 1.
There must be tonnes of sugar in this small crepe. And mind you, it wasn't cheap!

Lanz Box
Lanz Box at D'Mall Palengke is a restaurant that cooks great tasting meals.

Plato D'Boracay
Plato D'Boracay also at D'Mall Palengke is another restaurant worth going to. Food pricing is mid-range and taste-wise, good.

If you just need a tasty light meal, LeyLam may be a right choice of stall to visit. 
Shawarma noodles or Shawarma wrap is prepared fresh for you. This stall offers takeaways only.The branch I went to is located at Main Road, Station 1.

Master Siomai
Need some snacks or a simple breakfast meal? We bought some siew mai from this food cart. Master Siomai is a chain of food carts available along  Main Road and at White Beach.
It is Php45 (about RM4) for 4 pieces. The siew mai here are just palatable, nothing great!

This is our all time favourite hangout. We came for Jonah's milkshake every single day of our stay in Boracay. 
The milk shake comes in a 500ml bottle with a twisted straw. It is not really cheap (each costing between 100 pesos to 130 pesos depending on the flavours) but it is very nice.
Also available is the halo-halo with lots of interesting ingredients! I don't fancy sweet things but I simply love this one.

Another place to get light meals and snacks is Ministop.
Not great, just eatable!

Boracay Toilet
There is a theme restaurant at Station 1 just beside the Main Road.. We visited this restaurant out of curiosity because of its outrageous name.
Boracay Toilet serves Filipino cuisines in plates and bowls that are shaped like toilet bowls, bathtubs, soap dishes and other bath amenities. The food is just average but the exhibits are humorous. Price-wise, the food is a bit expensive. To see a full review and more pictures of Borocay Toilet click

Buffet Dinner At 
Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel
One inexpensive way to try a better array of food in Boracay is going for an eat-all you can buffet meal. There are many beachfront hotel operated restaurants along White Beach that offer such buffets. At Php450 net/pax, Le Soleil de Boracay Restaurant offers buffet dinner with unlimited iced tea. 
For this price, it is really value for money if you can help yourselves to unlimited, oysters, crabs, clams, fish etc which otherwise would have cost a bomb.
It is not only about the affordability of this buffet, I find everything well flavoured and we really enjoyed our dinner here.

Sea Breeze Cafe 
of Henann Regency Resort
Sea Breeze Cafe of Henann Regency Resort offers buffet with the largest selection of cuisines in Borocay. Price-wise it is also the most expensive among those offered by beachfront restaurants lining White Beach.
It offers buffet breakfast at Php 549pp, buffet lunch at Php 585pp and buffet dinner at Php793pp.
We took the dinner buffet on our last night in Boracay. It was an unforgettable meal as I swallowed a couple of rotten clams and had serious food poisoning the next day.
Putting the food poisoning aside, the array of food served was good. Seafood available include crabs (smaller ones), prawns, clams and fish. There was an absence of the more expensive sea food like lobsters, abalone and scallops and oysters. There were many meat and vegetable dishes. Some dishes tasted good while some were below average.
 The selection of desserts was commendable. 
There are participating outlets that gives 10% discounts if you show them 'My Boracay VIP Card' which can be obtained free from My Boracay Guide Counters at Caticlan Jetty Port, Shangri-La's Jetty Port, Fairways And Bluewaters Jetty Port or near Crafts in the D'Mall vicinity. 

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