Thursday, 2 June 2016

Borocay Travel: Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach may not be the ideal beach for Borocay vacationers but it is worth a visit if you happen to be around Station 1 of White Beach. Located north of White Beach and separated from it by a small hill, Diniwid Beach can be accessed on foot from White Beach via a concrete path cut around the edge of the hill. 
At the concrete path that winds around the edge of the hill.
Just before the edge, there is a big hole through the hill rocks which provide another option to get to Diniwid Beach.
Diniwid Beach is just 200 metres long. The beach is very rocky and the sand is not as fine. It is an obvious far cry from the neighboring world renowned White Beach.
The rocky nature of the beach and seabed at Diniwid Beach
At the end of the beach stands Nami Resort, a semi luxury resort which is a good option for quieter getaways.
Diniwid Beach does have its charm and its rocky nature contributes  to the diversity of beaches in Borocay.
The main asset of Diniwid Beach is its location to view sunset as the sunset views here are simply superb.

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