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Borocay Travel: Review Of Allan B. Fun Tours' Group "Island Hopping"

The only activity in Borocay I felt worthwhile paying for is an 'Island Hopping' Boat Tour. After scouting around for the cheapest available I found one offered by Allan B. Fun Tours. This 6 hour activity which include a buffet lunch only cost 700 pesos/pax (about RM63) if you book via its facebook page. This is really value for money I thought as it also covers a visit to Puka Shell Beach and Crystal Cove Island, two places I'd wanted to see in Borocay.
[To go to Alan B Fun Tours FB  click:
There are a couple of Allan B Fun Tours kiosks at White Beach which also sell this package but it is 100 pesos more expensive if you book there.
The good thing is I didn't have to do advance online payment. I only paid on the day of activity to the staff who came to pick us up at the hotel. The staff handling inquiry is very prompt in replying to all I want to know on its fb page.

This is the overview of the Allan B. Fun Tours Group Island Hopping that we joined. (Group Size approx 30pax)

Price     :   700pesos/pax if booked via fb
                 800pesos/pax if booked at the beach kiosk

Include  : - Pick-up from Hotel

                - Snorkelling Off Angol

                - A Visit To Crystal Cove Island 

                - Eat All You Can Buffet Lunch At Tambisaan Beach 

                - A Visit To Puka Shell Beach

Exclude: -  Extra fees for snorkelling (60 pesos/pax) 

              -   Entrance Fees of 200 pesos/pax at Crystal Cove Island.

              -  Transport back to hotel after activity

Pickup at 9.40am Depart at 10am.
This package include a pick up from your hotel if it is within the 3 boat stations. A staff of Allan B came to our hotel at 9.40am. There was no need for a pickup as our hotel is just a 3 minutes walk to White Beach Station 1 from where the island hopping tour departed. He just ushered us to the banca that we would be riding on.
The banca sailed to Station 3 to pick up more passengers. It was a full house, all in about 30 pax.

Snorkelling Off Angol
Our first stop was at the sea off Angol to snorkel. Snorkelling masks were provided but they didn't look clean. I was quite reluctant to put it on but chided myself that sea water has antiseptic properties and will kill off all the germs. Hopefully.
It was utter disappointment. The boat stopped at a place with hardly any fish. The boatman started to collect 60 pesos from everyone who snorkelled. I assume that was a tip for the guide and boatman and I didn't mind.
There was a nearby islet that looks very nice.
Our boat sailed past Crocodile Island. Come to think of it, it really has the shape of a crocodile.
It also sailed past Magic Island where people visit to experience diving off the cliffs. 

Crystal Cove Island
Our next stop was Crystal Cove Island.
The entrance fee of 200 pesos is not included in the Island Hopping Tour. Tickets have to be purchased at the entrance. Those who are not interested can hang out at the beach while waiting for the rest to come out.
Crystal Cove Island is a beautiful island worthwhile visiting. To see more pictures of Crystal Cove Island click: 

Buffet Lunch At Tambisaan Beach
A buffet lunch is included in the island hopping tour. Our lunch venue was Tambisaan Beach which is just a short distance from Crystal Cove Island.
The eat all you want buffet has a simple menu but the food was good.
Bottled water and coke were provided alongside the meal.
We had sufficient time to walk around the beach and the village at Tambisaan.
Tambisaan Beach is beautiful and I am glad we made a stop here. To see more of Tambisaan Port Jetty click:

Puka Shell Beach
Our last destination was Puka Shell Beach. Our boat docked and we were given about an hour to explore the surrounding.
It is a nice beach but the weather was too hot at the time of our visit. 
Places We Sailed Past
This Island Hopping Tour is a great way to see the coastline of Borocay. We covered more than half the island (except the east coast which we explored on our own). We sailed past secluded beaches, caves, rock formation, hotels, and sea activities around the island.
Shangri-La Resort and its exclusive Banyugan Beach

Borocay's Booty Party Cruise
The beautiful West Cove Resort 
White Beach 
We arrived at White Beach Station 1 at 4pm. That marked the end of our Island Hopping Tour.
Be prepared to get wet as you may have to wade through the sea to get back to shore as the tide was high when we arrived.

The tour may have its flaws but for 700pesos (+200 pesos entry into Crystal Cove Island) Allan B Fun Tours is still the most economical way to get an overview of Borocay coast, beaches and the nearby islands.


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