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Borocay Travel: Things To Do At White Beach

White Beach is Borocay's most beautiful and most happening beach. Stretching 4km along the west coast of the island, this pristine beach offers a myriad of activities for its visitors. There is probably something for everyone here as there are countless things to do and endless things to see. Those with thaasophobia will find this a good place to hang out as there isn't much room for boredom. Though it gets congested and overcrowded at times, the beach is so long it is possible to find stretches that make good hideaways for those who may need some moments of peace.
I was at White Beach every single day of my stay in Borocay as my hotel is just a 3 minutes walk away. Listed here are things one can do at White Beach.

Other than swimming, there is a long list of watersport activities one can indulge in. These pay activities can be purchased at the stalls along the beach. There are so many of such stalls you will really be spoilt for choice. Pre-booking online which is usually more expensive is totally unnecessary as this trade is very competitive.
Parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing and wake boarding are among the many activities available at White Beach. There is a dive center that even offers mermaid lessons.
Longer distant excursions can also be arranged by tour vendors operating from White Beach. This include, island hopping, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and lots more.

Whether you are an ardent shopper or an avid non shopper like me, White Beach has a big array of merchandise displayed at the beachfront stalls. The stall vendors sell a variety of goods from beachwear, T-shirts, sunglasses to souvenirs, imported as well as authentic made in Borocay stuffs.
Though this may not be the cheapest place to shop, you can still get a good buy with great bargaining skills.

Hair Braiding, Tattoo & Massage
Want to have a nice hairdo and pose for photographs at Borocay's world renowned White Beach? There are many hair braiding stylists operating from make-do stalls that can give your tresses a brand new look.
Want to give your body a treat and enjoy a massage under the coconut trees? There are many beach masseurs that will willingly do that for a fee.
Interested in a henna tattoo? I am not recommending this though, as I believe tattoing should be done with utmost skill and care in a proper tattoo center instead of an open-air beach area.

There are many eateries, big and small where you can dine at White Beach.  A number of hotel operated restaurants offer buffet meals at reasonable rates and ala carte menus to suit your palette. There are also smaller eateries that offer budget meals.

Sunset Watching
White Beach is a great place to view sunset as it faces the setting sun. This is an Must-Do activity at White Beach and the good thing is it is absolutely free.
The sunset here is simply captivating! 
Click on link below to see more sunset pictures:

Just Sit & Relax 
One great thing to do at White Beach is to sit and relax under an umbrella or a coconut tree. Enjoy the panorama of the colorful bancas on the azure sea or watch the activities at the beach.

Night Life
After sunset the ambiance of White Beach is totally transformed. Beachfront restaurants and pubs gear up for business as tables and chairs fill up the empty spaces in front. To attract customers, dining often comes with free entertainment. Loud music blasting away till the late hours is part and parcel of Borocay nightlife and it is something to experience if you are at White Beach.

Stroll Along The Beach.
There's A Myriad Of Things To See!
Strolling along the beach is the best free activity you can do at White Beach. The setting and ambiance tend to be different at different times of the day.
If you are there during the low tides you can see how gentle the gradient of White Beach is. You can walk right up to Willy's Rock, which forms an islet during the high tides.
If you walk to the northern end of White Beach, you may see a number of couples taking wedding photographs.
And decors that enchant.
Sand castles built by local residents the night before are a common sight. These castles are built after the sun set to be rented out for photo taking among the tourists. Come daytime they are abandoned and left to crumble under the hot sun and that's when you can pose with them for free.
A stroll towards the south will bring you to the quieter part of White Beach. There is a village to be explored there.
There are beautiful resorts and hotels along White Beach
And creative signboards outside restaurants and bars. White Beach is generally beautiful. Click to see beautiful pictures of White Beach on the link below:
If you stroll along the beach around sunset, you can see the sunset crowd reveling away like there is a beach party going on.
If it gets too tiring walking on the beach sand, there is a beachfront path that makes walking a lot easier just in front of the beachfront shops, restaurants and hotels.

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