Saturday, 4 June 2016

Borocay Travel: Tambisaan Beach

Our visit to Tambisaan Beach was totally unplanned. It happened to be the venue we stopped over for lunch which was included in an island hopping package that we joined from White Beach. This Beach is hardly talked about as a tourist destination but it turned out to be a gem which would have escaped our notice as it is located on the extreme far end from where we stayed.
Though our banca (with the pink roof) was parked close to the beach we still had to wade through a foot deep of seawater to reach the shore. 
Other than boats' load of people alighting for lunch like us, hardly any tourist were seen reveling around the beach. Instead the villager's children have come out to frolick about in the sea, a thing they probably do routinely judging from their over tanned skin.
This place is also a jetty port with a proper pier though the arriving boats did not dock there.
The scenic pier of Tambisaan Jetty Port.
Tambisaan Beach is a postcard beauty, with fine, white sand and a sea that mesmerizes with its turquoise shades of green and blue.
Crystal Cove Island can be seen from Tambisaan Beach. In fact they are just nearby.
Tambisaan Beach viewed from the pier
Tambisaan Beach viewed from the restaurant
Fisherman's boats docked on the beach.
There is a village just behind the beach.
Walking around, we were welcomed with open arms. 

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