Monday 9 October 2017

An Excursion To South America: 26. The Scenic Drive From El Calafate To Los Glaciares National Park

Our second day in El Calafate was reserved for an all day excursion to Los Glaciares National Park. We were going for a boat trip to view the southern wall of Perito Moreno Glacier and we were also going to explore the park's scenic lookouts and walkways to see the glacier from a multitude of different angles. 
The day started with a  coach ride from our hotel in El Calafate. The 80km journey was reminiscent of the scenic Glenorchy drive I experienced in New Zealand. It was beautiful and  breathtaking all the way as we drove along a mostly lake shore road. I kept snapping photographs from the bus window and often wished for the driver to drive a little slower so that I could get a better focus of the panorama. I am sharing these wonderful snapshots of the very spectacular journey from El Calafate to the Glacier Park. Enjoy!

We stopped once along the journey. It was at a lookout called 'Curve of Sighs'  which is located at a turn in the solitary road that offers visitors their first panoramic view of Perito Moreno.
Many people who were on their way to the Glacier Park also stopped here. 
The vista from that lookout was a good prelude to the splendor and magnificence of Perito Moreno Glacier we would be seeing at the park.

It was jaw dropping. The backdrop of frozen glacier looked surreal as though a magical wand has been waved and a cascading fall turns into solid ice. I still didn't get why this lookout is called Curve of Sighs.You sigh when you are weary, skeptical disgruntled or disgusted but when you see a phenomenon like this more probable words that you would express would be 'Wow", "Whoa" or "Gosh". In actuality it is hard to find adjectives to describe what I saw so I can only say it is beyond words!

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