Friday 13 October 2017

An Excursion To South America: 28. Perito Moreno Glacier From The Boardwalk.

We stopped at a lookout during our journey from El Calafate to Los Glaciares National Park to catch our first glimpses of Perito Moreno Glacier, after which we took a boat cruise to view the southern wall of Perito Moreno. After the cruise, we had a lunch break at a restaurant that offers a stupendous view of Perito Moreno and after lunch we immediately headed for the boardwalks and spent another couple of hours admiring Perito Moreno Glacier from its various lookouts. You can call it overindulgence but this whole day of immersion in the famed glacier was worth all our while. I was awe-struck each time I came face to face with this mind-blowing, glorious natural phenomenon and in this post I am sharing more pictures of it, this time taken from a specially constructed footbridge or boardwalk at the park.
The immensity of the glacier was felt  more here compared to from the boat we took earlier on. The footbridge is thoughtfully constructed for visitors to get the best views of Perito Moreno Glacier at different levels.
The boardwalk is an elaborate labyrinth of walking paths which are all interconnected. Visitors will start at the highest level which is nearest to the car park and descend to the lower levels using stairs. Almost everywhere is a viewpoint over the glacier but there are specially prepared ones that give the best of views.

Afternoons are the best time to visit Perito Moreno as the sun will warm the glacier and cause large chunks of ice to fall into the lake. Each time before this happens  a cracking sound will be heard. After the fall the ice is very blue for quite a while.

It was nice getting to see the glacier from different angles and different levels.

The glaciers blew my mind away but the scenery at the park was full of allure too. The alpine scenery was like postcard come alive. 

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