Friday 27 October 2017

An Excursion To South America: 31. Things To Do In El Calafate

Other than Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate does not offer many other spectacular attractions. There are a few worthwhile things visitors can do though, like exploring the streets of the charming little town, enjoying the calming scenery of its suburbs, driving along its scenic roads and trying out its local cuisines. Visitors can also visit one of its three ice bars and its museums.

These are some of the things I did.

Unico Polar Bar
There are a few ice bars in town and I visited one of them. Unico Polar Bar is located in the middle of town and it offers a unique ambiance where visitors can enjoy a drink in a bar at below freezing point temperature.
An entrance fee has to be paid before being allowed into the ice bar. With this visitors are allowed an unlimited flow of alcoholic beverage of their choice.
The temperature inside the bar is -10⁰C and visitors are made to wear a bulky poncho before entering.
Everything is icy inside. It is enclosed by walls of ice, the counter top and furniture are made of ice. The decor are carved out of ice.
You even drink from glasses made of ice.
It was tended by only one bartender.

The bar is quite small and when the song 'Despacito' rang through the cold air, you actually feel like dancing despite the heavy poncho and the slippery floor!

Glaciarium is a newly built museum that is solely dedicated to glaciers. Located in the outskirt of El Calafate town, this museum features exhibitions and detailed information about the history and geographical makeup of the glaciers and its importance to the region.

A statue of  Francisco Pascasio Moreno (May 31, 1852 – November 22, 1919) after which Perito Moreno Glacier is named is among the exhibits in the museum.

El Calafate Dining
The streets of El Calafate town are devoid of activities and I noticed the restaurants are pretty quiet too making me wonder how food business in El Calfate ever survive! 
I dined in a couple of restaurants. Salix is located slightly off the hub of town. It is a beautiful red restaurant overlooking the lake.
South Americans eat a lot of salmon and I had that for lunch in Salix.
The food is good but there are no patrons other than our group.

Casimiro Bigua Parrilla & Asador was another place I dined in.
I had a sumptuous meal of roasted lamb here.
Buns are served with a variety of dippings.

It was a great meal but one that came with a high price.

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