Wednesday 3 December 2014

3 Hours Of Fun At Art In Paradise Chiangmai

A fun thing you can do if you are in Chiang Mai Is to visit Art In Paradise, the world's biggest Illusion Art Museum. This museum which features more than 130 3D paintings is the brainchild of Jang Kyu Suk , a South Korean who invested 60 million bahts to make the museum come alive. 
As the fun lies in the interaction with the art pieces, this is a place you must never come alone and never without your camera! 
Art in Paradise is located in a big white building at No 199/9, Changklan Road between Shangri La Hotel and Empress Hotel. Finding this place is a breeze for us.
There is a chic restaurant just near the entrance to the museum.  Everything still looks new and shiny as this place was  opened barely a year and a half ago.
You can purchase the entrance tickets from the counter at 300 bahts (adult) or 200 bahts (child) if you are a non-citizen. We stumbled upon a tour agent who sold the tickets  for only 150 bahts/pax and we were soooo... happy that day.
And then the fun began!  Interacting with the illusion artwork needs lots of skill and talent too, I realised. The art of posing to make illusion into reality is something I sorely lacked. Ron fared slightly better though.

It looks like I am sitting on the octopus but I wasn't as the octopus is flat on the vertical wall.  For this piece, I passed, he he he.
Not too bad.
I give myself an 'F' for this pose as it looks unnatural.
Ah ha , that's more like it.
These photos have been oriented 90°clockwise from the original pose.
A glaring mistake is I shouldn't be smiling if I am trapped!! 
The fun also comes from acting out emotion like fear, excitement, shock etc. when interacting with the art and then snapping the pose to see if it looks real.
I love the one which I am "holding" an umbrella. There wasn't any umbrella actually as the umbrella is just a 2D painting on the wall. 

"This is Lily the genie. What can I do for you?"  LOL

Didn't get the effect we wanted as the stranger who helped take this shot was not good at guiding the pose. Ha ha, at least I've got someone to blame.
The museum is spacious and we were fortunate there weren't many visitors that day.
Best taken with two look-alike. Need a third as photographer.
Had lots of fun here as I have always loved this form of arts. Am looking forward to visiting other illusion museums in the future. Hopefully I'll fare better at acting and posing by then. 

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