Sunday 14 December 2014

A Day Tour To Golden Triangle Of Thailand

The Golden Triangle of Thailand is where three nations namely Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. I have vague memory of this place which I visited some years ago and decided to join a day tour to visit it again. 
The price quoted for a normal day tour to Golden Triangle from Chiang Mai (950 Baht/pp) does not include a boat ride to see the boundaries of the three nations which is actually the highlight of this place. To do so we have to pay 300 Bahts extra pp.
Visitors have to hand in their passports at the pier.  An additional 30 Bahts is collected as "permit fee" to enter Laos (Don Sao Island). At the end of the tour, our passports were returned to us unstamped.
At the pier waiting for documentation as we were going to enter Laos later on.
This is the pier where we board the boat. Laos is just opposite the river. (Mekong River)
This is the route of our cruise.
We passed the Golden Triangle Buddha Ship on Thailand side.
We passed "no man's land".
We were soon traversing the border of Myanmar. We passed by Paradise Hotel And Casino in Myanmar. This casino is owned by a Thai national. (In Thailand casino is illegal and licence to run a casino is not permitted)
Our boat made a U-turn and soon we were traversing the borders of Laos.
We passed by Kings Roman Casino, Laos which is owned by a group of Chinese from China. This casino is located in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, an area leased to this Chinese Group for 99 years by the government of Laos. 
We cruised along till we arrived at Don Sao Island, Laos.
It is so easy to go to Laos from Thailand, see?
Don Sao is a not very developed. There is a small business community here and many sell goods from the Rep of China which is only about 200+ km northward along the Mekong River.
Laos souvenirs
Made in China goods
Authentic to this place is Laos whisky. Whisky with venomous cobras and scorpions soaking inside capped bottles selling for about 150 Bahts and above per bottle. They look more like specimens preserved in formaldehyde and to think they are drinkable is .... yucks.
Anybody wants to drink me???

This visit is part of a day tour I took from Chiang Mai which include the following itinerary:
- Chiang Rai Hot Spring
- Wat Rongkhun
- Golden Triangle ( add another 300Baht to go for a cruise to Laos)
- Buffet Lunch
- Mae Sai
- Akha Hill Tribe

My Travel Agent In Chiang Mai
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