Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dining, Shopping And Ladyboys At Anusarn Market.

Anusarn Market is a famous place and a favorite hangout for tourists in Chiang Mai. Located at Changklan Road and very near to my hotel, this place is dull, lifeless and uneventful in the earlier part of the day.  Come evening however, Anusarn springs to life. Restaurants which were closed earlier on are now open for business. Hundreds of vendors seem to appear from nowhere and are displaying all types of wares and products. Even the ladyboys have come out to make their presence felt. Bustling with so much activities this place is probably the epitome of Chiang Mai night life.
Anusarn Market at 2pm - dull and uneventful
Anusarn Market at 2pm - many restaurants are closed. Stalls are empty.
Anusarn Market at 8pm- brightly lit, filled with street vendors.
The street leading to the night market is equally busy. It is packed with stalls selling a variety of goods.
The five foot way along the northern part of Changklan Road that leads to Anusarn are all filled with street vendors.
Seafood, Thai food, Western food , Street food -  you get them all in Anusarn.
Posted here are photos of colorful stalls in Anusarn Market.

The attention seeking ladyboys are out.
There is a cabaret show just adjacent to our restaurant. The night was still young, so we decided to see the popular cabaret show performed by the ladyboys.  
Entry for the show is 200Baht/pp. Each entry comes with 1 free drink. You get to choose wine, beer, or non-alcoholic drink. I asked for a mild cocktail and a weird one came. Cocktail with coconut milk (santan), anyone tasted this B4?? The ladyboy waitress waits for tips each time a drink is served. 
The show starts at 9.30pm.
The cabaret costumes are beautiful, glittering and very sexy.

There's even a J-Lo look-alike. (This is a guy)
There were a few interesting performances and a few boring ones. The show lasted 1 hour. Overall it was OK but not fantastic. The not so Ok thing is the ladyboy waitresses are too free with their kisses. They practically kiss all the male patrons. That was to say the least "jijik lagi menjijikkan".

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