Saturday 13 December 2014

Wat Rongkhun, Just Like A Fairy Tale.

I first saw a picture of Wat Rongkhun while  browsing through the facebook of a friend who has just come back from Chiang Mai. The temple looks so unique that I have to see it for myself, I thought at that time. 
Finally I was there, gazing at a very bizarre structure. Wat Rongkhun looks like something that exist in a fairy tale to me. The creativity of the architect, Chalermchai Kositpipat really pays off as Wat Rongkhun has now become the most visited attraction in Chiang Rai. Tourist flock here by the thousands to admire the structures more than to do pilgrimage though.
Wat Rongkhun or simply known as The White Temple is located 15 km south west of Chiang Rai City. The construction of the temple which started in 1997 is still ongoing. The main temple hall or ubosot (picture above) which stands out the most has been completed. The temple ground will house a total of nine buildings some of which are still under construction.
The bridge that leads to the ubosot.
The glitter from the temple is due to reflection from tiny pieces of mirror embedded in the surfaces.
The details are intricate and very elaborate with lots of curves.
The architect incorporates many ghastly features around the ubosot and this is one of them.
Fortunately the temple is painted white as it may look grotesque otherwise.
Another building in the master plan is the pavilion. It is almost complete except for some paintwork. 

Ghostly heads hang from a few trees in the temple ground.
The Pagoda of Wat Rongkhun (one of the nine buildings )
Myriads of silver trinkets hang from the ceiling of a covered walkway shows the architect's intricate style.
Nobody would guess  this beautiful building is a public washroom. It is also the only building in the temple ground that is painted gold. The architect chose gold to indicate worldliness for whatever reason known to him.
This washroom is also one of the 9 buildings in the master plan. 
Wat Rongkhun will certainly go into my list of "bizarre places" I have visited around the world.

This visit is part of a day tour I took from Chiang Mai which include the following itinerary:
- Chiang Rai Hot Spring
- Wat Rongkhun
- Golden Triangle ( add another 300Baht to go for a cruise to Laos)
- Buffet Lunch
- Mae Sai
- Akha Hill Tribe

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Anonymous said...

wow, i am totally fascinated with the work you put on your posts. mouthwatering and must visit. was once in chiengmai two years ago but seen nothing like what you put in the post
iskandar dzulkarnain

Lily... said...

If I had followed a Malaysian travel agent for a Chiangmai tour, I wouldn't have seen these things that I had wanted to see. I usually plan my own itinerary and I make each visit an educational one. If you also like the places I visit, do use my posts as an itinerary guide for your future trip. Do message me on fb if you need travelling trips to these places.

Anonymous said...

The White Temple is so beautiful. I was here last year but I have missed to visit this place.Wish to be back this year ..

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