Sunday 21 December 2014

Visiting An Akha Village In Chiang Rai

On our way back from Mae Sai we visited a small Akha Village. The Akha are an indigenous hill tribe that are found in several parts of Indochina, Thailand and Yunnan Province in China.
The Akha are a superstitious people. Seen here is the "spirit gate" to ward off evil spirit while inviting the benign ones.
The village we visited has a small business community that sells handicrafts to visitors.
An Akha woman and her baby
An Akha girl helping her Mum make bamboo cups.
Some Akha handicrafts
Not many visitors that evening.
Wearing an Akha hat doesn't make you Akha.
Growing gourds and vegetables.
Akha huts with traditional thatched roofs.

This visit is part of a day tour I took from Chiang Mai which include the following itinerary:
- Chiang Rai Hot Spring
- Wat Rongkhun
- Golden Triangle ( add another 300Baht to go for a cruise to Laos)
- Buffet Lunch
- Mae Sai
- Akha Hill Tribe

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