Tuesday 23 December 2014

Where To Stay In Chiang Mai?

Tourists who are travelling to Chiang Mai for the first time would surely be asking this question. "Where is the best place to stay?" 
Now assuming all tourists are like me: Want to save as much money as possible on transport, want easy access to restaurants, shops, markets, night life, and want to be able to do a walking tour of the city then a good place to stay would be around the location I circled in red on the map.
If you are willing to pay more for transport (tuk-tuk or songthaew) anywhere in the city 'santa maria novella area' should be fine but if you want to be able to walk to some major Chiang Mai attractions, the place circled in red are the most centralized.
From the location circled in red, you should be able to walk and explore the old city of Chiang Mai (including the Sunday Night Market), Anusarn Market, Art In Paradise, Night Bazaar and heritage temples and buildings around the city. There will also be ample dining options around this area and the good thing is you do not need to hail a tuk tuk each time you want to go out and eat.
By the way the Old City of Chiang Mai is surrounded by a squarish moat. (See the blue square on the map). Even if you need transport to further spots like Ping River Cruise, Khantoke Dinnner, Wororot Market or San Kamphaeng Handicrafts the fare would be a lot cheaper.
Staying in this location will also make it convenient to take day tours as travel agents will provide free return transport from your hotel. Extra charges will be imposed if the hotels are further away from the city. 

After determining the location, finding a place to stay should be a breeze. Depending on your budget, there are ample hotels, hostels and guest houses to choose from.
I stayed at Maninarakorn Hotel, Sri Donchai Road for this trip. You can see a review of the hotel here: Maninarakorn Hotel Review

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