Sunday, 31 January 2016

Harbin Part 8: Food Oh Glorious Food Of Harbin

There are many good restaurants in Harbin where you can have more than a sumptious meal. Here are three good ones that we went to. 

1. Tan Jiang Original BBQ Restaurant
Tan Jiang Restaurant specialises in BBQ.
It's a DIY BBQ with many accompanying side dishes. A good variety of sauces and condiments are available at the common counter for diners to help themselves.

The unforgettable egg tofu side dish.

2. Farm House Restaurant
This is a very interesting restaurant with a farm house as its theme. 
It is decorated with items found in a typical farm house like dried corns, basket of eggs, and traditional kitchen wares.
This restaurant specialises in stews. There are three stew pots embedded into the dining table from which three different types of stews are served steaming hot.
It features traditional cooking styles and cuisines I have never seen before.
In addition to the three big pots of stew, there are a number of delectable side dishes.
For desserts, three types of non-sweet glutinous cakes are served. Sugar is served separately by the side.

3. New Palace Seafood Buffet
This is a eat-all-u can seafood buffet where you can walk around to choose the food displayed at the common counters but at the same time have many plates of food brought to your dining table even if you do not ask for them.
 Food at common counters & lots more not shown
Food brought to the table:  Each diner gets a plate of beef steak,
a bowl of Buddha Jumps Over The Wall
one abalone.
To be shared are deep fried crabs (special specie),
assorted sushi,
assorted sashimi,
Many varieties of seafood cooked in different styles,
some exotic liver..
deep fried prawns and LOTS more..... not shown here.
It was more like a banquet.
You can help yourselves to a good variety of beverages - soft drinks, hot drinks, warm sake included,
By the time we ate the food served, we were too full to walk to the common counters to try other cuisines displayed. And these are the leftovers. All the expensive seafood gone to waste. This meal cost CNY238 per pax. Wonderful cooking and good quality food. It was worth every cent.


Fendy said...


Do you still have the address of the restaurant?. I can't find it on google

Lily... said...

So sorry Fendy for the late reply. I have to say sorry I do not know. It's not easy getting addresses as signage is not normally in English. But with the picture of the restaurant name, I am sure the locals would be able to help.

adorableshir said...

New Palace Seafood Buffet
hihi where is this buffet at?

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