Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jilin Part 4: Jilin World Trade Winning Hotel - A Review Of The Accommodation And Buffet Breakfast

Jilin World Trade Winning Hotel: A Review Of The Accommodation And In-House Buffet Breakfast

There's something weird about the name of the hotel we stayed in Jilin. 'World Trade Winning Hotel' doesn't sound quite right and could have been a direct translation of its Chinese name. Nevertheless, this is a very good hotel and one which I would recommend to anyone in search of accommodation in this city.
Location wise, World Trade Winning Hotel scores plus points as it is located in the city centre where a number of city attractions are within a 5km radius around it.
This hotel looks pretty chic. It is tastefully set up and though the weather was extremely cold outside, it is warm and inviting inside. (Time of stay-Christmas season)
It has a beautiful reception lobby with an extensive chandelier that exudes grandeur.
The lobby lounge is furnished with many sets of sofa and has a decor which is contemporary yet elegant.
More importantly this is a place we can seek refuge from the extreme cold outside. You can walk around comfortably without your winter coats or long johns too.
The hotel is quite well maintained. The elevator is fast but lacks security as anyone including non-patrons can use the lift to access the upper floors.
We stayed in Superior Twin Room, measuring 32.8 sq metres. This room comes with two very comfortable Queen-sized beds and can actually sleep four even though it is meant for two.
It comes with facilities most 5 star hotels would provide. Free Wifi, free sachets of tea and coffee, free bottled water, a good range of toiletries, bath-robes, iron and board, etc.
The room and shower heaters function well.
The washroom is very clean and has features that I like which include a broad sink countertop.  

Buffet Breakfast
Our room comes with buffet breakfast at the hotel's in-house 'River View Western Restaurant'
Though named Western Restaurant, it has a good selection of Western as well as Eastern breakfast cuisines.
Coming all the way to Northeast China, my preference is always eastern cuisines authentic to this part of the country.
I was totally impressed by the decoration along one stretch of the countertop. Lovely bread houses befitting the Christmas season were on display. Unfortunately these were a feast for the eyes only and not for the palatte.
This big selection made us spoilt for choice. Anyway breakfast was very satisfying that morning.
Had wanton Soup
Also tried the black fungus which is indigenous to this region.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I see s/potatoes among the b/fast fare. Now we see why it's better not to go budget when travelling. Such comfort & choice of food makes it "money well-spent".

Lily... said...

Steamed sweet potatoes were served in all the hotels I stayed in. I didn't take them though as it is too filling. And totally agree- what you pay is what you get.

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