Sunday 30 October 2016

Moscow: Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad)

A visit to Red Square is quintessential to a complete Moscow experience! Located right in the heart of Moscow, this square is enormous, spanning a total area of 800,000 sq ft. The Square was first established during the 15th century as a marketplace and a venue where the public congregate for festivals, celebration and even to witness public execution. Today it is used for major events from concerts, musical performances to military parades, etc. besides being Moscow's No 1 tourist attraction.
Ressurection Gate And Iberian Chapel
The main entrance into Red Square is through Resurrection Gate which appears really grand. The entrance consists of two arched gateway with steel gates. Iberian Chapel which is built on the gate can easily skip one's notice as there are many spectacular structures nearby.
Iberian Chapel
The gateway
Inside the gate at Red Square

State Historical Museum
This imposing building which stands beside Resurrection Gate is State Historical Museum. It is located on the northern end of Red Square. 
State Historical Museum was opened in 1894 and houses a rich collection of artifacts that tell the history of the Russian from the Paleolithic period to the present day.
Red Square is big but it can easily be navigated on foot. By the way Red Square is not squarish. It is actually rectangular in shape.

Kazan Cathedral
Another stunning structure built with architecture to marvel at is Kazan Cathedral. This building is located on the north eastern part of Red Square.
Kazan Cathedral is an orthodox church built to commemorate the victory over Polish invaders during the 17th century. It was demolished under the communist rule in 1936 and rebuilt to look like the original in 1990. It was finally back to its former glory in 1993.
Another facade of Kazan Cathedral

A religious icon on the cathedral wall.

GUM- State Department Store
Red Square is bordered on the east by GUM or State Department Store which stretch an approximate 250 metres. This is Russia's biggest shopping mall.
This gorgeous building was opened in 1893 as a shopping paradise for the upper echelon. It was briefly closed by Stalin from 1928 to 1953 before resuming its operation as a shopping centre. It has since been in operation and today it remains a high end mall but is now opened to everyone.

Kremlin Wall, Spasskaya Tower &
Lenin Mausoleum
Adjoining Red Square is Moscow Kremlin which is enclosed by its high fortress wall. The western side of Red Square is bordered by one stretch of this wall with Spasskaya Tower in close proximity.
Another significant structure in Red Square is the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin who was the founding father of Soviet Union.
Saint Basil's Cathedral
I have left the best to the last. Saint Basil's Cathedral which is on the opposite end of the entrance gate is a real wonder. I spent most of my time around this building as it is Russia's most iconic building. It is also my favourite.
St Basil's Cathedral was built to commemorate the capture of Kazan (a Russian town) from the Mongol forces. Completed in 1560, it is also the first building to be built on Red Square. It consists of 8 churches built around a central church on the same foundation. Legend has it that the tsar who commissioned its building, had the architects blinded so that they could not built another building as glorious as this. 

Outside Red Square
We finished our walking tour in Red Square and spent some time admiring the grounds outside. This is a statue of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, a war hero during the Soviet era against the backdrop of State Historical Museum.

Another stunning building nearby is the 'Museum Of The Patriotic War of 1812'.

Manezhnaya Square (Manege Square)
Adjacent to Red Square is Manezhnaya Square. It was already autumn but the flowers have not wilted and the flower beds that embellish the square was a real delight.

We did have a great time enjoying the bloom.

Moscow has a lot of interesting things. Even this fountain with a glass cupola topped by a statue of St George is fascinating!

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