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Russia: A Day Out At Sergiyev Posad

Sergiyev Posad is an old Russian town about 75km north east of Moscow. It is said that if you only have one day trip out of Moscow, this is the place you must go as it is home to Trinity Lavra of St Sergius which is one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries in Russia. This monastery which dated back to the 14th century was founded by  St Sergius of Radonezh, a spiritual leader and an outstanding figure of Russian history. It has now become a popular site for tourists as well as Orthodox Church pilgrims.

Krasnogorskaya Square
After 2 hours of travelling from Moscow, we finally reached our destination. The journey should have taken much less time but we had to go through very congested traffic in Moscow. We alighted from our bus at Krasnogorskaya Square which is a huge square fronting the Monastery of St Sergius.
The monastery is surrounded by a fortress wall with towers intermittently spaced around its perimeter. Each tower is designed differently. The tower seen in this photo is Pyatnitskaya Tower.
Opposite the monastery is a red building with cafeterias and toilets. This is also the place to purchase tickets which will enable usage of cameras  inside the churches of the monastery. Entrance into the monastery ground is free.
I got one ticket for 100 Russian Rubles. It was a letdown however, as no personnel checked on this and everyone seemed to be on a 'clicking spree' even inside the churches.
The main entrance into the Lavra is through The Holy Gates, an immaculately designed structure with an arched entrance.
The Holy Gates, Entrance To The Lavra
The intricate mosaic and paintings at The Holy Gates
From where we stood at the square, we could already see a beautiful spectacle of onion domes, which are roofs to some of the most magnificent buildings within the monastery.
The Holy Gates seen from inside the monastery is equally awesome!

 The Gate Church Of The Nativity Of St John
There are more than 50 buildings and structures within the monastery, all built by the finest of architects from the 15th-19th century. This monastery has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Seen here is The Gate Church Of Nativity Of St John.
Beautiful paintings depicting Orthodox belief of the early churches can be seen on walls and ceilings of the church.

The Refectory With The Church Of St Sergius
Another striking architecture can be seen on The Refectory Church of St Sergius.

It features designs that inspire!

Even more awesome is the interior of The Refectory Church. 

Everything is exquisite to the core!

The entire wall and ceiling is covered with elaborate paintings and mosaic.

Mikheyevsky Church aka Church Of St Micah
While some buildings are large, some are small and cute, like The Church Of St Micah.

The Bell Tower
Standing at 88metres tall, The Bell Tower is the tallest building in the monastery. Built in Baroque style, it has a multi-tier structure and is decorated with mouldings, cornices, arches, columns and other decorative elements.

Trinity Cathedral
Trinity Cathedral with its majestic golden domes is the oldest church in the monastery.

St Nikon Church
Another small church is St Nikon Church (the building in green).

Chapel With Cross/Sacred Spring
Chapel with cross is an open air chapel with a fountain in the centre.
Water from this fountain is believed to be holy water and many congregate here to fill up their bottles.

Chapel Over The Well
Chapel over the well is another charming building with immaculate design.
There is a well within from which flows water that is also believed to be holy.

Assumption Cathedral
The most spectacular building in the monastery is probably Assumption Cathedral. The domes stand out from afar and towers high into the sky.

Front facade and entrance into Assumption Cathedral
Inside Assumption Cathedral

Ceiling and Pillars of Assumption cathedral
Walls, ceilings and pillars are covered with beautiful artwork.

The Church Of The Holy Spirit
The Church of the Holy Spirit is the second oldest building in the monastery. It is built of white stone, topped by a bell tower and finished with a blue dome.

Monastery Ground Gallery
There are a lot other structures within the monastery ground. Seen here is The Memorial Obelisk.
A shop near the entrance
A florist shop also near the entrance
A Souvenir Shop
Inside a souvenir shop
Souvenirs sold
The Treasury
Monastery ground
And finally, here's an aerial view of Trinity Lavra of St Sergius. [Photo Credit: Airpano]

Market Near Trinity Lavra
It was a memorable time admiring and gawking at the astonishing structures that stood on the monastery ground. We left the place and went  to a market with many small stalls selling local Russian merchandise.

I had wanted to buy a Russian hat here as I lost a similar one while on a tour some time back. I like all the hats I tried on but did not buy any as they were too expensive.

Dining At Russkiy Dvorik Restaurant
Russkiy Dvorik is a very beautiful Russian restaurant not too far from the monastery we visited earlier on. 
I was beginning to love Russian architecture as most buildings I saw were incredibly beautiful.
We were going to have a Russian meal for lunch at this restaurant.
The entrance
Russkiy Dvorik is well appointed and has a great ambiance.
Even its toilet doors look elegant.
More than anything, I had great company. 
It was a 4 course meal, starting with salad, followed by soup, main dish and dessert.
Nice warm soup with a unique taste
Stewed chicken and potatoes served in a round porcelain pot
Crepes with cream

It was a fulfilling day and we left Sergius Posad rather satisfied.

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