Friday 21 October 2016

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro is an underground railway system that serves Moscow city and a few neighbouring towns. When I first saw Moscow Metro being listed on our travel itinerary, I was thinking "What's so great about visiting a subway station?" I have been to a number and they are mostly gloomy, crowded places without any daylight. However, I was in for a very pleasant surprise.
Moscow Metro started its operation in 1935 during the USSR era under Stalin rule. As of 2016 there are 203 stations and more will be added in the future. Moscow Metro has become a tourist attraction as its underground stations are among the world's most beautiful and extravagant. Due to time constraint we managed to visit only four. 

1.Park Pobedy Metro Station (Victory Park Station)
This metro station is dug 85 metres underground making it the deepest metro station in Russia and the third deepest in the world. The escalator ride down seemed endless. This escalator measuring 126 metres with 740 steps is also the longest escalator in Europe.

 Arrival and departure of the trains are very punctual.
As Pobedy Park Station was not very crowded, there was ample opportunity to snap some photos without anyone in the background.
The walls are embellished with beautiful mosaics that depict The Grand Patriotic War (WWII).

Signage and posters in Moscow Metro are not translated to English making visitors like us very blurrrr... 
And one for the memory.

2. Kievskaya Metro Station
One station away is Kievskaya Station which has recently been named one of the top 10 most beautiful metro stations in the world.
This station looks very much like an underground palace with fixtures that are both elaborate and extravagant. It features glittering chandeliers, beautiful marble pillars, vibrant mosaics, intricate frescoes and cornices. For a public amenity, this is unimaginable opulence!
This mosaic depicts a good relationship between the Ukrainians and Russians. In fact this station is named after Ukraine's capital city, Kiev.

Each fresco is distinctly different from the other!
And all are very beautiful.

3. Ploschad Revolutsil Metro Station
Another short ride on the train took us to Ploschad Revolutsil Metro Station which was opened in 1938.
It's main attraction are 76 life-sized bronze statues, each placed on opposite ends of the many marble paved arches lining the station.

These bronze sculptures are a representation of the population who have contributed to the success of the soviet nation.

4. Smolenskaya Metro Station
Our last stop was at Smolenskaya Metro Station. 
This station has a lot of marble work in it.  Solid marble columns, marble cornices, marble carvings and grand looking ceiling lamps are its adornment.

 Other Moscow Metro Stations 
(Photographed By David Burdeny)
There are many other beautiful metro stations which I did not have the opportunity to visit. I just realised how much I've missed when I looked at pictures of them!
Komsomolskaya Metro Station
Arbatskaya Metro Station
Novoslobodskaya Metro Station
Taganskaya Metro Station
Avtovo Metro Station

Should I ever visit Moscow again, the Moscow Metro will top my itinerary. This time round, I am going to spend a whole day at the underground stations!

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