Wednesday 15 July 2015

A Walking Tour Of Florence Pt 3: More Glimpses Of Florence City

From Piaza Della Signoria, we walked through a maze of streets constantly looking out for significant landmarks and occasionally peeping into shops and cafes to see the specialties of Florence.
 Via Por Santa Maria. (Via is an Italian word meaning street)
Via Callimaruzza
We made our way to the new market (Piazza del Mercato Nuovo) to see the wild boar fountain. Fontana del Porcellino as it is called locally is a Florence attraction. It is a belief among the locals that anyone who rubs the snout of the boar will return to Florence one day. I did that but only time will tell whether there is truth in this belief.
As we walked along we could still see Palazzo Vecchio which we visited earlier on as it is quite a mammoth building.
Even though I try not to buy any more souvenirs (my house has loads of them from the many years of travelling), these are always nice to see and a feast to the eyes.
Foodstuff sold in nice packaging is nice to look at too.
A baker preparing to start business for the day.
Florence Cathedral is just like Palazzo Vecchio which can be seen from afar because of its magnanimity.
We walked past Uffizi Gallery.
 Street like this Via Maranini Giuseppe is rather quiet.
An attractive restaurant at Via Nei Neri
An interesting shop.
Shops that kids will love.
An Italian restaurant at Borgo Dei Greci.
We continued walking until we reached another public square called Piazza Santa Croce. This square is named after another very famous church, Basilica di Santa Croce which is located on the square.
Most old buildings in Florence have artistic charm and Basilica di Santa Croce is no exception
There are many small shopping streets near the church and a number of products sold are authentic to Italy.
We headed for Arno River which flows through the city centre. We were going to see the famous bridge, Ponte Vecchio.

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