Thursday 30 July 2015

The Amazing Views Of San Marino

Little known San Marino may be tiny but it is a sovereign nation. Covering an area of only 61 square kilometres, it is the 3rd smallest country in Europe and the 5th smallest in the world. Its official language is the Italian language which is not surprising as it is bordered on all sides by Italy. (It is actually an enclave in Central Italy). Before World War II it was one of the poorest nations in Europe but today the people of San Marino are among the worlds's richest.
San Marino's topography consists mainly of rugged mountains and visible from afar is its magical hilltop town featuring ancient castles, towers and ramparts.

Founded in 301AD by a Christian stonemaker named Marinus , this country is also the oldest republic in the world. 
One of the greatest attractions of San Marino is its stupendous views. Much of the land is elevated as it is located on the slopes of Mount Titano. Mountain roads and areas bordering steep cliffs become natural lookouts. However the best lookout point is Cesta Tower which is located in the old town at the peak.

We made a pit stop at Piazzale Marino Calcigini which is still 5km short of reaching the peak. This place makes a fantastic viewpoint. The panorama of the expansive valley below and the mountains beyond left us impressed.

Piazzale Marino Calcigini is also a modern shopping area popular for its boutiques selling designer labels and its duty free shopping.

A modern elevator connects the piazzale to another higher road where Palazzo Sums is located.
Palazzo Sums
Palazzo Sums
Palazzo Sums

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