Saturday 4 July 2015

China Town Restaurant, Nice: Review

Travellers who only have palate for Chinese food would not face any problem enjoying a Chinese meal as Chinese restaurants are found in almost every city in Europe. China Town Restaurant is not located in a Chinatown per se but on a normal street in the city of Nice and this is the restaurant we patronized for lunch.
China Town is located at No 14, Rue Paganini, Nice.
Rue Paganini is a narrow street that has a number of Asian restaurants.
Inside China Town

What We Ate That Day
Excellent chicken curry
Tasty ribs
Ordinary Omelette
Nice mussels.
Fresh Brocolli
The chili paste is a real bonus.

Generally the food is delectable and China Town is a place I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who happens to be in Nice.

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