Friday, 3 July 2015

Grasse - The World's Capital Of Perfumes

When it comes to the art of perfume, no country rank more highly than France and that was reason enough why I was exhilarated to visit a French factory where perfume is made. The factory, Parfumerie Fragonard is located in a small town called Grasse. 
Grasse has a climate that facilitates the most delicate of flowers and it was here that the French perfume industry began during the 16th century. Today Grasse has earned its title as, 'The World's Capital Of Perfume'.
Grasse, a quiet medieval town
Photo Credit: Parfumerie Fragonard
Fragonard Perfumery which was established in 1926 is one of the oldest perfume factories in the city. It is also one of the few perfumeries that conduct free guided tours for its visitors. 
We started with a tour of the museum which has a display of apparatus used in making perfume over the centuries.
This Fragonard staff enlightened us with the history of French fragrances.
The second part of the tour was a visit to the factory where we learnt a thing or two about the modern process of perfume production.
We were also shown the process of perfume packaging.
The factory produces fragrant soap and cosmetics as well.
Our tour ended with a visit to the shop which displayed all the factory products. Visitors can purchase their choice of fragrances and other souvenirs here.
Just outside the factory is a tree with big luscious oranges. The orange scent is among the many floral and herbal scents found in Fragonard perfumes.

Parfumerie Fragonard
20, Boulevard Fragonard
06130 Grasse

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