Saturday, 18 July 2015

Florence: Michelangelo Square

The last place we visited in Florence was Michelangelo Square. When we were doing a walking tour around the city earlier on I lamented that it wasn't easy to take photographs of the entire cathedrals and palazzos  as they are so huge. At Michelangelo Square not only did I get to do what I couldn't do, I was mesmerized and totally blown away by the panorama I saw.
Michelangelo Square which was created in the 19th century is a very spacious square on a hill. Because of its elevated position it commands a stunning unobstructed view of the entire city.
I managed to get a zoomed image of the Florence Cathedral with its bell tower and dome.
Ponte Vecchio is a bridge that impressed me a lot.

I was not only able to see the entire length of Ponte Vecchio, I also saw all the six bridges that cross Arno River.
While I could only see the front facade of Santa Croce Church during my walking tour, this church could be seen in its entirety from Michelangelo Square.
This is a zoomed image of Palazzo Vecchio with its tower.
As we were leaving the place we walked around to see the activities within the square. There were a number of souvenir stalls.
Was impressed by the skill displayed by this artisan.
A replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David is seen at the square.
Giuseppe Poggi who designed the square also designed a building at the edge of the square. It was meant to be a museum for Michelangelo's work but the project was not realized. The building is now used as a restaurant.

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