Monday 20 July 2015

Venice: Water Taxi Ride Along The Grand Canal

Venice is a very unique city as it is completely built on water. It consists of 118 tiny islands that sits on a marshy lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. The only part of Venice which is accessible by land transportation is Piazzale Roma the so called gateway to Venice which is a large square with parking bays. Our bus parked here and we walked a short distance to the pier to board a pre-booked water taxi which was taking us into the islands.
At The Pier Where Large Cruise Ships Are Also Sighted
Visitors to the islands can either take the water taxis (taxi acquei) or the water buses (vaporetto). The water taxis are more expensive but faster and they can bring you straight to your preferred destination. The water buses are cheaper but slower and only drop passengers at gazetted stops. 
[The rates depends on the various companies and the exact destination. Should be around 65-80 Euro/water taxi from Piazzale Roma to San Marco]
The water taxi which is the smaller boat seen in this picture can take about 10 people and the cruise duration from Piazzale Roma to San Marco where we were going is about 30 minutes.
The water taxi ride along Grand Canal is a good experience. There are more than 170 buildings that line the canal and the panorama of century old buildings on the edge of shimmering water against the backdrop of azure sky is really spectacular. The photos below show the scenery along the way.
Santa Maria della Salute

Doge's Palace

Seen here: A water bus along Grand Canal.

We finally arrived at San Marco and a whole day of excitement awaited us.
Walking along Riva degli Schiavoni beside Grand Canal, we headed for St Mark's Square.
It was a hot summer day and the crowd was simply enormous.

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